Your First Choice in High Purity Solvents and General Chemicals


We understand there are many choices when choosing a chemical supplier for your manufacturing and laboratory needs.  So why would you choose us?  Simply put we are a customer focused and oriented organization not only offering you some of the best pricing in the industry but as consultants when going through the purchasing process allowing your laboratory or production facility to be optimized. We are one of the leaders in distribution of cost effective high purity solvents for laboratory and commercial usage and are able to secure and sequester materials close to your facility for just in time inventory and are able to store materials for you in one of our three warehouses located strategically in the United States. We have chosen to not be just a run of the mill specialty chemical, solvent, and general chemical distributor but we have chosen to be a supplier partner. In doing so our long term goal is to create longstanding business relationships for your current and future chemicals needs.
*Shipping is $80 for all orders under $500 and free for all orders over $500. If you would like a quote please simply contact us or find your product on RightPath Industries and request your pricing.

       RightPath Industries is a sister company of RightPath Medical Diagnostics and RightPath Analytical distributors of medical and analytical laboratory supplies across the United States.