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  • Acetonitrile HPLC Grade 4x4L Part Number 1401-7-40

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    This brand of material is currently on forcemajeure and is no longer in stock.  We do carry an alternative here.

    Acetonitrile HPLC Grade 4L CS 4  99% Assay min CAS 75-05-8

     Acetonitrile is one of the most commonly used solvents for analytical testing as well as for production.  We currently carry all grades and all packaging configurations of ACN for laboratory and production use

    Also meets ACS Reagent specifications

    Assay (by GC)    Min. 99.9 %

    Appearance   Clear

    Maximum allowable

    Colour            10 APHA

    Titrable acid     8 ueq/g

    Titrable base    0.6 ueq/g

    Water (coulometric KF)       0.01 %

    Residue after evaporation   1 ppm

    UV Abs (1.00cm path vs. water)

    UV @ 190nm         1.00 AU

    UV @ 200nm         0.05 AU

    UV @ 210nm         0.03 AU

    UV @ 220nm         0.01 AU

    UV @ 230nm         0.01 AU

    UV @ 254-400nm  0.005 AU

    UV Cutoff 190 nm

    HPLC gradient vs. water (UV Abs)

    HPLC @ 210nm 0.001 AU

    HPLC @ 254nm  0.001 AU