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Composit T5 6x1L Part Number 23268

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Reagent for one-component Karl Fischer titration (titer 5 mg/ml). Intended for general purpose moisture analysis and ensures a sharp titration end point and highly reproducible results.

We recommend using Composit T5 with Methanol Sharp as the working medium, since this combination ensures fast reaction and exceptionally sharp titration endpoint. WaveTrace™ Composit T5 has been formulated for a long shelf life with the loss of titer less than 3% per year.


Ethyl carbitol, imidazole, sulfur dioxide, iodine


·         WaveTrace™ Methanol Sharp

·         WaveTrace™ Solvent CS

·         WaveTrace™ Solvent CF

·         WaveTrace™ Solvent CL

Comparable to 

Composite 5 (34805)