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Coulometric AGR-C 6x1L Part Number 15572

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Coulometric AGR-C 6x1L Part Number15572

Anolyte solution for Karl Fischer titration of biodiesel and petroleum products. Formulated to improve solubility of the sample in the reagent medium. This reagent is similar to WaveTrace™ Coulometric AGR-Oil, except it contains no xylenes and its solubility is improved by addition of chloroform.

WaveTrace™ AGR-C is recommended for use in cells with a diaphragm for moisture titration of biodiesel and similar fuels. In these cases, it should be used with WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC CGR solution.


Methanol, imidazole, chloroform, sulfur dioxide

Comparable to 

Coulomat A (34807)