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Coulometric AGR-Oven 6x1L Part Number 18411

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Coulometric AGR-Oven 6x1L  Part Number 18411

Reagent for Karl Fischer titration with an oven in cells with or without membrane. Anolyte solution for general applications and suitable for the majority of samples. Available in  a case of 6 1L bottles.

WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC AGR-Oven ensures proper operation of both amperometric and potentiometric detection systems in the range of polarization currents from 2 to 100 µA. Optimized for oven temperatures up to 250 C.


Methanol, imidazole, diethanolamine, 1,2-propanediol, sulfur dioxide


·         WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC CGR

Comparable to Coulomat AG Oven (34379)