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Coulometric AHR 6x1L Part Number 16138

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Coulometric AHR 6x1L   Part Number 16138

Anolyte solution for Karl Fischer titration of samples with oils, fats and long-chain hydrocarbons in cell with or without membrane. The reagent is formulated to improve solubility and reduce or eliminate formation of film on electrodes, which may reduce accuracy of the measurement.

WaveTrace Coulometric AHR is used primarily for titration of samples that contain plant-derived oils, fats and other substances poorly soluble in methanol or other coulometric reagents. Coulometric AHR performs very well with as much as 30 ml of oil added to the titration cell and has excellent current efficiency that eliminates excessive overheating.


Methanol, imidazole, decanol, sulfur dioxide


·         WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC CGR

Comparable toCoulomat AG-H