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Coulometric CGR 6x110mL Part Number 13060

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Coulometric CGR 6x110mL  Part Number 13060

Catholyte solution for coulometric KF titration in cells with a diaphragm. WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC CGR is compatible with a wide variety of sample types and is formulated to minimize osmosis of neutral species into the anodic cell compartment. This feature provides a more effective separation of the two electrochemical environments and leads to improved accuracy of titration.


Ethyl carbitol, imidazole, sulfur dioxide


·         WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC AGR

·         WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC AGR-Oil for oils and fuels

·         WaveTrace™ COULOMETRIC AHR for long-chain hydrocarbon

Comparable to

Coulomat CG (34840)